Linda orphanage and motherless babies Home is Founded in 2013 by Linda Canterbury and registered under the World Orphans Act of 2002 under the support of Christian organization based in Colorado Springs, United States in Vision to give orphanage and motherless babies lives a meaning around the world starting from the less developing countries ,Vishakhapatnam, India; Klaeng, Thailand ,Ghana ,Fulani Nigeria.{West Africa)

Linda orphanage food programme depends on the support of concerned global citizens like you to deliver practical and proven solutions that get food to hungry children and families. Your contribution today will help build and strengthen food bank systems worldwide and feed millions of people by rescuing billions of pounds of food.

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If you can"t feed a hundred homeless kids then feed just one ,because every child you see in this world is your child . Donate or be a patner with me in this up coming project. In Mumbai, Sikkim, Bhilai, Vishakhapatnam, India, Klaeng, Thailand, Ghana, Nigeria (Fulani). We have been building and operating children’s homes in India for the last 3 years. We currently care for approximately 3,680 orphans in 9 Homes in Panaji-Goa-India-India,Thailand. Ghana,and Nigeria.

By the Power of God and the help of some kind organasation we have started building 4 storey Home which are under construstion in Kathmandu Nepal, due to earthquake appeal Thousands of people desperately need food, medicine and shelter. We're on the ground providing emergency support to them. Help us get more aid through to survivors.

Volunteers are needed for the on-going construction and expansion projects at local orphanages and for primary schools in disrepair right in In Mumbai, Sikkim, Bhilai, Vishakhapatnam, India; Klaeng, Thailand ,Ghana ,Nigeria :Fulani ). Volunteers work alongside skilled and unskilled local workers. Tasks including digging holes, stacking bricks, hauling rocks and dirt, cement work, painting. Prior experience is not necessary, but skilled workers are very welcome.

Ready 4 school


Working in partnership with the Free Education Program , the Linda's orphanage offers free preschool to low-income children.

Linda's orphanage program mission is to support and inspire young children over the world in key moments of their school life, while helping the less fortunate. This program enables students to develop key skills and gain valuable experience which will prepare them for life.

With the support of good minded people around the world we can eradicate illiteracy around the world in the nearest future.

Linda's orphanage


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