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Five years ago when we started we had a 30-bed shelter. Today, we offer a safe place to sleep for 3,680 homeless kids worldwide, we serve thousands of nutritious meals each month, and we have a recognized preschool program.


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Ms. Linda Canterbury

our history

History – Linda's orphanage and motherless babies Home is Founded in 2013 by Linda Canterbury and registered under the World Orphans Act of 2002 under the support of Christian organization based in Colorado Springs, United States in Vision to give orphanage and motherless babies lives a meaning around the world starting from the less developing countries ,Vishakhapatnam, India; Klaeng, Thailand ,Ghana ,Fulani Nigeria.


Aim ,Vision and objection – Linda"s orphanage and motherless babies Home main objects is to identify and provide appropriate support for orphans, poor people, disadvantaged people or street children, children with special needs (mentally retarded, children from poor families) to improve their quality of life and enhance their sense of independence and build orphanage homes for the homeless and destitute children in the whole wide world.


Program Value – HIV / Aids Linda"s kids Home is creating Awareness and Care Campaign 28th october , we are working with a local grassroots HIV/Aids organization helping in rural communities around In India ,and west Africa .We would support the home based care projects to hundreds of families living with HIV/Aids including teaching about nutrition and health, providing food, basic amenities and micro-grants, cleaning and caring for the patients who are hopeless.


Linda's orphanage


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